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LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social media platform that works through websites and mobile apps. It is owned by Microsoft. Its flagship LinkedIn app has more than a billion users.

The LinkedIn mobile and web apps

RSL role

RSL has been a key development partner for LinkedIn for over 10 years, with significant contributions to the flagship LinkedIn app, as well as other apps. We work on the Android, iOS, Web frontend, and Backend platforms.

Key modules we've worked on include Feed, Search, Profile, Messaging, Video, Post Creation, Overall Infrastructure, Settings, Ads, etc. and include some of the highly used features in the app like Reactions, Video Creation, Celebration Posts, Tagging Photos, Carousels, Open to Work, etc. RSL has also worked on app-wide migrations to the latest tech stack, integrating GraphQL, Dark Mode support, and improving Accessibility to comply with WCAG and MAS guidelines.

Apart from the flagship app, RSL has also contributed to other apps such as LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Job Search, LinkedIn China (InCareer) and SlideShare.

Key technologies and frameworks include:

  • Android: Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, Gradle, Jetpack / Architecture components, Dagger, Test Butler
  • iOS: Swift, SwiftUI, LayoutKit, UIKit, KIF framework
  • Web: React, Node.js, TypeScript, Ember.js, Glimmer.js (rendering engine), Dust.js templates
  • Backend: GraphQL, Rest.li, Protobuf, Microservices, Hibernate, Play framework, Flask (Python)
  • Open Source libraries: Volley, AFNetworking, Firebase Crashlytics, Armchair