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What We Do

What We Do

Raja Software Labs is a product engineering company helping clients ship high volume, high impact products used by millions of users. Companies engage us to bring their products to market. We build smartphone apps, car apps, IoT devices and companion apps, as well as web frontend/backend solutions.

We deliver peace of mind through craftsmanship, ownership, dependability and trust.

Mobile to the core

We get mobile development. We have been working on mobile devices for a long time. These include smartphone apps, companion devices, and automobile apps.


We get shipping products, be it hardware, or software. We understand that specs change and our clients need to react to the marketplace. We understand that schedules need to be flexible. We understand the quality difference between a demo to a VC, an alpha implementation to solicit feedback, and something that will be shipped to end users – and we are adept at all three.

Enable Usability

User experience (UX) is different from user interface (UI) – the key is usability. We enable usability via backend design, providing services, or simply helping refine product requirements.


We understand that early hardware is fickle, not all networks are equal, and cloudy days are bad for getting a location fix. We realize that dependencies and usability tests could impact schedules – so we design decoupled components. And test on the emulator or similar hardware while we wait for USB to be working, or for the server to provide the right web service responses.

Root Cause

We use a variety of simple techniques to ensure quality – code reviews, internal QA, and logging. We log everything so you don’t have to remember what you did to get to the problem. We are experts in tracking down hard-to-reproduce issues that happen once in a while. We triage, root cause and fix, and do whatever it takes to ship great products. We love QA, and client QA teams love us.

Craftsmanship and Ownership

We have a highly technical and capable team that is self-managed, and obsesses over client deliverables and quality. We take end-to-end ownership of tasks and ensure that we ship high quality products.

Interactive and Predictable

Even if there was a detailed spec, the written word goes only so far. We believe in iterative development. We believe in checking into the code base, so everyone can see how it works. We believe that clients prefer tracking progress through feature check-ins and bug fixes, instead of emailed status reports.

Single point of Contact

We have been on your side of the fence: project success depends on close interaction with cross-functional teams. You work with one person who manages the relationship – from checking in code, to working with Product Marketing and QA. You are welcome to talk to individual team members, but you don’t have to.


We depend on referrals and repeat customers – our success depends on your success. That is the peace of mind model.