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Truepill has a vision to modernize healthcare for patients everywhere. They work with many of the world’s largest healthcare organizations – from health plans and health providers to pharma manufacturers – to deliver on this vision.


RSL Role

RSL helped the Truepill Engineering team with full stack development to build and ship multiple end user medical solutions. Key modules we developed include: Payment Integration (including HIPAA compliant credit cards), E-cart and shipping integration, Scheduling appointments, etc. We were involved in the Database schema design, integrating with messaging systems, building out the microservices architecture, integrating with medical interfacing systems like EMR, external Pharmacy APIs, etc.

The Truepill web app

Key technologies and frameworks include: Next.js, Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Gatsby, CI/CD pipelines integration, GraphQL, Google Cloud, Cypress test suites, Stripe Payments, Elastic Search, Hapi.js, Prisma ORM, TypeORM, DrChrono, Salesforce Messaging Integration, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ etc.