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Vida Health

Vida Health provides expert, personalized, on-demand health coaching and programs through a network of experienced health care providers including dieticians, therapists, and health coaches — coupled with an easy-to-use app with award-winning content. Vida’s cloud-based platform captures real-time data from 100+ devices and apps and delivers AI-driven insights back to employers, health plans, and providers to improve care.

Our work on the Vida health mobile and web apps

RSL Role

RSL helped Vida with its Android and iOS mobile app, as well as web front end development.

Mobile App

Key features on the mobile app that RSL helped with include: Messaging support, fetching health data from Bluetooth / BLE devices (like Blood Pressure monitors, Blood Glucose monitors), Video calls, and Content management.

Vida Health mobile app

Key technologies and frameworks include: RxJava / RxKotlin / RxAndroid (used extensively to standardize reactive and asynchronous flow of data and events), Validic BLE Mobile SDK to fetch health data from Bluetooth / BLE devices, ExoPlayer for video playback, MPAndroidChart for charting, etc.

Web Frontend

Key web modules/features we worked on include: Account Management, single/group messaging support, video-calling, charting modules, Customer help desk support via Zendesk, etc.

Vida Health website

Key technologies and frameworks include: React.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, RxObservables, Jest, Enzyme, Ant Design Charts for charting, Twilio for messaging.